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European Free Education

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All of these courses are held in English
language. There is no fees charged in Germany, Finland, Denmark and Sweden

Germany UnderGradudate Studies
Engineering Science
University of applied Sciences Hamburg
Bachelors of Information engineering
University of Mannheim
University of Hamburg-Harburg
General engineering Sciences
Environmental Sciences
Technical University of Cottbus
Environmental and Resource management
Business Administration
University of Frankfurt Oder
BBA International business administration
University of Magdeburg
B.A in Economics and Management
University of Nuremberg
International Business and management

Germany Gradudate & PostGradugate Studies
Engineering Science
Technical University of Munich
Masters in telecommunication engineering
University of Stuttgart
Msc in Information technology
Masters in Infrastructure planning
Computational mechanics of materials and structures
Water resources engineering and Management
Technical university of Berlin
Global production engineering
University of Darmstadt
Electrical Engineering /System design
and technology
University of Esslingen
Automotive Engineering

Technical University of Hamburg Harburg
International Production Management
Information and Media technology
Information and Communication systems
Structural engineering
Environmental engineering
Process engineering
Material Sciences

University of Mannheim

University of Offenburg
Communication and Media Engineering

University of Ulm
Communication Technology
Computer Sciences
University of Dresden
Computational Logic
University of Hamburg-Harburg
Information and Media technology
University of Magdeburg
Msc in Computational Visualistics
University of Bielefeld
Masters in Computer aided systems
Environmental Sciences
Technical University of Freiburg
International management of resources and environment
University of Tuebingen
Applied environmental Geoscience
Technical University of Cottbus
Environmental and Resource Management
Technical university of Hamburg
Environmental engineering
Business Administration
University of Freiburg
MBA in Resource Management
University of Esslingen
Master of Business Administration
University of Offenburg
MBA in International Business Consulting
University of Magdeburg
M.A in Economics and Management
University of Osnabrueck
International Business and management
Agriculture and Forestory
University of Humboldt,Berlin
Msc International agriculture sciences
University of Hohenheim
Agriculture Sciences and natural resource management
Natural Sciences
Freie University of Berlin
Msc in Polymer Science Tropical Veterinary epidemiology
University of Tuebingen
Msc neural and behavioural sciences
University of Heidelberg
Msc in Molecular and Cellular Biology
University of Hannover
Msc Physics
University of Leipzig
Msc Physics
University of Oldenburg
Msc Engineering Physics

Sweden UnderGradudate Studies
Swedish Institute

The Swedish Institute (SI) is a public
agency entrusted with disseminating knowledge abroad about Sweden and organizing
exchanges with other countries in the spheres of culture, education, research
and public life in general. In doing so, it seeks to promote Swedish interests
and contribute to economic growth.

See the "Study and Research in Sweden"
section for all the updated institute offering international courses.

International Master’s Programmes
For more Master’s Programmes in English see the pdf file:
"International Master's Programmes" at: Information to download
Admission to Master's Programmes generally require that you have a Bachelor's
Degree or equivalent and a good knowledge of English
(500 - 550 on the paper based Toefl test or equivalent)

See Toefl
Master's Programmes in Industrial Design
Umeå University
Industrial Design
European Master's Degree in Linguistics
Lund University
International Master's program in Special Education / Early Intervention
Mälardalen University College
Special Education
Master’s Degree Programme in Educational Management and Administration
Stockholm University
Educational Management
Master’s Level Programme at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Linköping University
Arts and Sciences
Baltic Studies Management Academy
University College of Gotland
Baltic Studies
Integrated Master’s Programmes
Graduate Business School
Göteborg University
Graduate Business School
International Graduate Program
Stockholm School of Economics
Master of Law Programmes
Stockholm University
Law SU
Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy
Lund University
Environmental Science
Master's Programme in International Human Rights Law
Lund University
Human Rights Law
MBA Executive Programme
Stockholm University
Master's Programme in Health Sciences
Linköping University
Health Sciences
Master's Programme in Public Health
Umeå University
Public Health
International Master of Science in Biodiversity
The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Master's Programme in Environmental Science/Studies
Lund University
International Graduate Programme
Stockholm University
International Graduate Programme
International Master of Science in Social Work
Göteborg University
Social Work
Master's Programme in East and Southeast Asian Studies
Lund University
East and Southeast Asian Studies
Master's Programme in Urban Housing Management
Lund University
Urban Housing Management
International Master's Programmes
Chalmers University of Technology
International Master's Programmes Chalmers
International Master's Programmes
Linköping University
International Master's Programmes Liu
Master of Science with a Major in Electrical Engineering
Jönköping University College
School of Engineering
Master of Science, Electrical Engineering
Master of Science with a Major in Mechanical Engineering
Jönköping University College
School of Engineering
Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering
Master's Year in Computer Science
Mälardalen University College
Computer Science
Master's Year in Real Time Systems
Mälardalen University College
Real Time Systems
Master's Programmes in English at the Royal Institute of Technology
Royal Institute of Technology
Master's Programmes at KTH
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Telecommunications/Internet
ystems/Signal Processing
Blekinge Institute of Technology

lectrical Engineering
Master of Science in Software Engineering
Blekinge Institute of Technology
Software Engineering
Master's Programme in Solar Energy Engineering
Dalarna University College
Solar Energy
Linkoeping Institute of technology
Msc in Manufacturing Management
Email: mm.master@ipe.liu.se
Department of Economics,
Linkoeping Institute of Technology
S-58183 Linkoeping Sweden.
MSC engineering in Communication & Interactivity
Email: msc-ci@ida.liu.se
Student affairs division
Linkoeping University ,
S-58183 Linkoeping
Msc in Medical Biology
Msc in Traffic environment and Safety management

International Human Rights Law
Human Rights and Intellectual Property
European Affairs Programme
Environmental Management and Policy
LUMES - Environmental Science
East and Southeast Asian Studies
Urban Housing Management
European Master's Degree in Linguistics
Chalmers University of technology
Automotive engineering
Digital communication systems and technology
Applied environmental measuring techniques
Process engineering
Management of production
Management of Transportation
Material Sciences and engineering
Nanoscale physics and engineering
Structural engineering
Royal Institut of Technology Stockholm
Environmental Engineering & Sustainable Infrastructure
Sustainable Energy Engineering
Quantum Physics
Electric Power Engineering
Scientifice Computing
Land Management
Spatial Planning
Materials Processing
Pulp and Paper Engineering
Real Estate and Construction Management
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
MSc in Biodiversity
Development Research
University of Lund ,Sweden
E-mail: janis.kursis@hdm.lth.se
E-mail: Annette.Wong_Jere@hdm.lth.se
Master's in Automatic control Master's in international
human rights law
Master's of European affairs
Master's in environmental management and policy
Master's programme in Environmental Science
aster's in east and southeast asian studies
E-mail: info@ace.lu.se

Center for International Mobility CIMO
The Center for International Mobility CIMO is a governmental organization whose
exprtise is geared to the promotion of cross-cultural communication and international
obility with focus on education and training, work, and young people. To this
end, CMO gathers, processes and distributes information and coordinates international
ducation and training programmes.
Following Universities Offer the International Programs
Åbo Akademi University
University of Helsinki
University of Joensuu
University of Jyväskylä

University of Kuopio
University of Lapland
University of Oulu
University of Tampere
University of Turku
University of Vaasa
Helsinki University of Technology
Lappeenranta University of Technology
Tampere University of Technology
Hanken Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration
Helsinki School of Economics
Turku School of Economics and Business Administration
Academy of Fine Arts
Sibelius Academy
Theatre Academy
University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH
Graduate and Postgraduate Study
Helsinki university of technology
Msc engineering in telecommunication
Electrical engineering
Telecommunication management
Computational Biology, Bioinformatics and Biometry (ComBi)
University of Jyvaskyla
Msc in Digital media and telecommunication
Tampere Polytechnic
QBM - Quality in Business Management
Bachelor's of engineering in Finland

Bachelors of Computer engineering
Bachelors of Digital information provision
Satakunta Polytechnic
Environmental Engineering (Bachelor in Engineering)
Application deadline: April 5, 2002.
Tampere Polytechnic
Environmental Engineering (Bachelor in Engineering)
Application deadline: April 3, 2002
International Business (BBA)
Master's of engineering in Denmark

Aalborg University
MSc in Environmental engineering
Mobile communication
Intelligent Multimedia
Msc in Biomedical engineering
Master of digital communication
Master of GPS technology
Master of intelligent autonomous systems
Oil and Gas technology
EMAIL: ek@auc.auc.dk
Address: International Office,
Fibigerstraede 2,
DK-9220 Aalborg Oest Denmark.
Technical University of Denmark
Msc in Computer systems engineering
Address: Department of IT, TU denmark,
Building 344,DTU DK-2800 Lyngby,

Msc in Environmental engineering
Email: bs1@imt.dtu.bk
Address: BO Skjold arsen,
Msc Environmental engineering office,
TUD,BLDG 115, Dk-2800
Roskilde University

Master's Programme Society, Science and
echnology in Europe (ESST)
Master's Programme in European Social Policy Analysis (MESPA)
Gradugate Programs

Study in Norway is free for all students. Undergraduate Courses are taught in
orwegian language. Gradugate courses are available in English.
Study in Norway
On this web site you will find links to all the higher education institutions
in Norway participating in the SOCRATES/ERASMUS exchange programme, thus offering
foreign students an opportunity to study in the country.
International Master Programmes are offered by the following universities
University of Oslo

1 Year programmes Master degrees Doctoral degree

University of Bergen
MPhil in Archaeology
MPhil in Botany
MPhil in Chemistry (Biophysical/Inorganic/Physical and Organic/Structural/Quantum)
MPhil in Dentistry
Post-graduate training in Dentistry
MPhil in English
MPhil in Gender and Development*
MPhil in German
MPhil in Health Promotion*
MPhil in Health Sciences
MPhil in History
MPhil in Informatics
Mphil in Mathematics/Statistics
MPhil in Physics (Theoretical Atomic/Theoretical Nuclear/Theoretical Particle)

MPhil in Public Administration and Organization Theory
MPhil in Screen Writing*
MPhil in Social Anthropology*
MPhil in Solid Earth Physics
MPhil in Spanish and Latin American Studies
MPhil in System Dynamics
MPhil in Zoology (Zoological Ecology/Plant-Animal interactions)

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

MSc in Hydropower Development
MSc in Marine Technology
MSc in Mathematics
MSc in Petroleum Engineering
MSc in Petroleum Geoscience
MSc in Physics
MSc in Urban Ecological Planning
MPhil in Linguistics
MPhil in Social Change
MPhil in English Language and Linguistics
(will start in 2001 if sufficient funding is provided)
University of Tromsø
Norwegian School of Economics and Business
Agricultural University of Norway
Oslo School of Architecture
Holland (Netherlands)
Undergraduate & Gradugate Programs
Erasmus University
Fee is Charged (Gld 14000-30000)
offer Undergraduate & Post Gradugate Programs in English

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